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4.4 ( 7824 ratings )
Biznes Katalogi Zakupy
Desenvolvedor: Yury Kazharov

The program eCatalogs is designed for viewing electronic catalogs.

The subjects of catalogs may be totally different.
These may include: marketing prospectuses, photo albums, product catalogs, dictionaries, magazines and many other.

Being based on a xml, the format of the ecatalogs is very simple in creation and doesnt required special knowledge for work with it.

You can create ecatalogs for viewing of all major types of documents: html, pdf, doc, ppt, xls, jpg, gif, tiff, webarchive etc.

An important feature of the program is ability to view catalogs from external servers as well as from local folder.

One of the main features is use of the username and the password for access to the external catalog.

It will not only limit access to ecatalogs but also will generate the content of ecatalog for each user individually.

*The Canon EF Lens Lineup and E numbers (the food additive codes) catalogs have been added in app.